FAQ: Force Excel to see your fields as general format

XLANS | Learn how to ensure your data is treated as general format in Excel

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We came across an interesting use case where a customer who licenses our CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Analytics App was exporting a saved search that included item numbers, some of which were being interpreted by Excel as date fields. For example, the item named 11-3-30 was recognized as a date in Excel and came across as 11/3/30.

Below you can see the name field is being interpreted by Excel as a date field.

We wanted to help find a solution that did not require any manual adjustments or macros.

The Solution

What worked for us was to use a NetSuite formula in the search results to reference the name item name field and to prefix the name with a single quote which forces Excel to treat the value as text. In order to do this with a NetSuite formula, you need to use four single quotes in the CONCAT formula as seen below.

CONCAT('''', {name})

Below you can see the new item field name created with the formula which Excel now treats as a general format.

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