Updating serial/lot numbers on transation records is not yet available in the newer CloudExtend Excel for Data Management application therefore we will need to rely on the legacy product called "SmartClient" which is available free of charge to customer that license our Enterprise Edition.

This video will show how to perform partial fulfillment with lot numbers when using SmartClient Classic Edition.

🚨 SmartClient still exists for some edge cases not supported by CloudExtend Excel Data Management for Netsuite. We expect to reach full feature parity between editions in 2022 at which point we will provide notice that we will end of life the SmartClient Classic Edition).


Load the Sales Order using the Sales Order template. We will use this as a reference to create an item fulfillment. We need the following:

  • Sales Order Transaction Number (1)

  • Line Ids for the line item (2)

  • Location (3)

  • Quantity (4)

What is the template structure to fulfill lot numbers?

Template structure needs to contain header fields, line fields, and inventory detail.

How does it work?

In order to do a partial fulfillment, all the line items should be added to the template. NetSuite would need to see all the line Ids associated with the SOAP web services to recognize that we are doing a partial fulfillment.

To do a partial fulfillment to the first three line items of the SalesOrder.

Step 1: Populate the header and item level fields.

  • Header Level

    • TranDate

    • Sales Order Transaction Number to Created From (1)

    • Ship Status

  • Item Level

    • Item is Fulfilled (Only put TRUE for the lines to be fulfilled)

    • Line Ids to Order Line

    • Quantity (Only put values for the lines to be fulfilled)

    • Location (Only put values for the lines to be fulfilled)

Step 2: Populate the Inventory Detail fields. Only put values for the lines to be fulfilled.

  • For the items to be fulfilled, enter the Lot Number at the Issue Inventory Number field

  • Quantity

Step 3: Click Update All, then you will see the internal IDs generated from NetSuite.

How to check Partial Fulfillment records?

  • Using SmartClient

    Right-click on the internal Id and select Refresh Results Table. This will only return the fields that were fulfilled.

  • Using NetSuite

    Step 1: Open the Sales Order> History > Fulfillment & Invoices. Click the date to open the item fulfillment record.

    Step 2: Click on the inventory detail icon to see the lot number.

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