About this Release

The CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite v8.0.2 (XLNS v8.0.2) is the latest version of XLNS and is the successor to its v8.0.0 version.

This release comes with:

  • A fix for an issue with Burst mode where sometimes users would see that the job update is stuck at a number and doesn't update in the app whereas in NetSuite all the jobs were completed.

  • A fix for an issue where users were unable to perform the burst mode of upload for records if they had more than 50 entries of the custom record Celigo CENS Metadata Setting which is used to provide additional metadata in customer's NetSuite account.

What’s New in this Release

No new features in this release.

What Has Changed in this Release

No feature enhancements, deprecations, or removals in this release.

Fixed Issues

Following issues were fixed as part of this release:

  • Issue with Burst Mode status not updating in app

    Some times during the burst mode upload, the jobs that were completed and remaining to be processed were stuck at one number and not updating in app even though they were processed completely in NetSuite. For example when user opened the workbook where his upload constituted of 55 jobs, he would see that 52/55 jobs completed and it would be stuck at that point. This is fixed now.

  • Burst Mode Upload failing when there are more than 50 entries for a custom record provided by CloudExtend bundle for Metadata Settings

    The app had an issue when doing Burst mode of upload if there were more than 50 entries for the custom record Celigo CENS Metadata Setting . It would be in continuous processing state and not submit the job to NetSuite. This is fixed now and Burst mode should work irrespective of the number of entries of custom record.

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