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Product Overview: CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite
Product Overview: CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite

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The CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite has been continuously helping users create and update records by bypassing the NetSuite UI and eliminating CSV uploads. CloudExtend makes it a breeze to manage NetSuite data in Excel saving you time and resources. With the in-cell error notification feature, you can fix and resend the data to NetSuite, right away!

Our goal is to continuously improve your CloudExtend experience! 🚀

👉 Learn why we are building the next generation of CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite!

Making bulk data management fun and fast

There are many bulk data management tools that work with popular cloud services. The majority of them support Microsoft Excel in some form. But, all of them only do two things at the most: bring data into Excel and push that data back to the cloud. Everything in between is left to the user to work out on their own. This is where CloudExtend Excel is different: Not only does it make data import and export a breeze, it makes working with the data in Excel a treat.

One example is our Auto-Complete feature.

Our customers love the fact that they don’t need to remember or lookup IDs from their cloud service when they need to set values in a reference (aka picklist) field. All they need to remember is part of the name that they are trying to reference. Type that into the cell in Excel and tab out. CloudExtend Excel will find the right value from among all the possible values and fill it in. If there’s no match, the user receives a visual warning in the cell. The feature is backed by some complex caching and disambiguation logic to ensure minimal disruption to the user’s workflow.

Other key features provided by the product include:

  • Extensive ongoing support for NetSuite record types

  • Asynchronous, “burst mode” uploads for non-blocking, mass updates that allow for updates to happen in the background, even if Excel is closed.

  • Strict adherence to NetSuite’s native security and permissions model

  • Ad-hoc search and filtering of NetSuite data, right from the Excel application

  • Real-time validation and feedback on success, errors, or warnings

Perhaps the product’s most profound validation came from Evan Goldberg, Founder, and CTO of NetSuite who posted this on the NetSuite User Forum:

“CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite is a great product, I encourage everyone to have it available for at least some of their users.”

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