Deprecation/Removal of Raw download and Search Joins

XLNS NextGen | Some features not included in the NextGen release

Updated over a week ago

While we offer a lot of new features, we have to let go of the Raw download of Saved Search and Search joins.

Raw download of Saved Search

We have removed the support for Saved Search Raw download in the new version. This feature would download the Saved search results in a raw format in excel that would have been used for reporting. As this feature is already present in our other app CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite, we have stopped the support for it in this new release.

Note that users can still download their saved search data in a template in the new version of Excel Data Management. The data downloaded can be further used to modify and upload back to NetSuite. Only the raw download of Saved Search results will not be available.

Search Joins

We have also removed the ability to do a search join with a related record while creating a filter as we saw very less usage of it among users and also if there was a case like that users can still create a Saved Search in NetSuite and download results using that Saved Search criteria.

See feature comparison chart of production and NextGen versions of CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite.

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