Logging in for the first time consists of a few steps. Click here to learn more about the CloudExtend Login Prerequisites.

How to Login

Step 1: Click Sign in with Microsoft. Choose the account you want to log in with.

Step 2: Enter your NetSuite Account ID.

NetSuite Account Number
In order to use the login flow, you will need your NetSuite Account Number. This can be located in the URL while you are logged in to NetSuite in a browser. Learn how to find your NetSuite account ID here.

Step 3: Select the role you want to log in with and hit Allow.

💡 Note: You will also be required to enter your NetSuite username and password. If you received an error here, it generally means your account does not have proper permissions. Ask your Admin to review the prerequisites in our Help Center.

Each connection type will have a different color scheme when you are logged in to CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite Beta. Click here to learn more.

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