FAQ: How to manage records using Multi-Select Field

XLNS | Learn how to create and update records for multi-selct field

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This document will help you import and update records when working with the multi-select fields.

When using CloudExtend, there are two ways for you to be able to assign multiple items for multi-select fields:

Select picklist values

The picklist feature will come in handy, it is easy to use the scroll and check the box of the item you want to select from the list.

Step 1: Highlight the cell and the picklist values will appear on the panel.

Step 2: Check the box needed to be assigned.

Type-ahead on the cell

You can type ahead on the cell. Things to take note of for this option:

  • Values should be in a single-cell text and should be contained in a double quote β€œ

  • Each item should be separated by a comma

Let's say, I want to create a new account and assign it to multiple subsidiaries.

Account Name

Account Number


Checking Account


Alpha Division

Gamma Division

I'll show you how it's done. Once recognized by Netsuite, the items will be shown on the box above the picklist.

Easy right? Try it out! ✨

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