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The Advanced Intercompany Journal Entry features debits and credits to ledger accounts between the originating subsidiary and multiple receiving subsidiaries. This record type is only available for the One World accounts.

Let's start by creating a template.

In this video, we will show you how to create an Advanced Intercompany Journal Entry via CloudExtend.

Template Layout

πŸ’‘ Tip: It is best to check out the forms and fields and identify the header, column, and required fields in NetSuite that you may need to build the template.

If you are using NetSuite Classic Interface you can go to:

Path: Transactions > Financial > Make Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries

  • Tran Id

  • Subsidiary

  • List List: Line Subsidiary

  • Line List: Account

  • Line List: Debit

  • LIne List: Credit

Create an Advanced Intercompany Journal Entry

Step 1: Add header level details and repeat the values to match the number of lines you want to create. The system will know that this is one record.

Step 2: Send the record to NetSuite, click Upload to NetSuite, and hit the Upload Records button.

πŸ’‘ Note:

  • You must have at least four-line items to submit an advanced intercompany journal entry transaction.

  • The maximum number of lines per journal entry is 1,000 when using synchronous SOAP web services processing. With asynchronous SOAP web services processing, the limit is 10,000 lines.

  • More about Advanced Intercompany Journal Entry here.

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