FAQ: How to Refresh Metadata

XLNS NextGen | This article will show you different ways to refresh your custom fields and picklist values

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CloudExtend is able to read and write NetSuite metadata, ie custom fields, picklist values, etc. Below are the three ways to refresh NetSuite metadata via CloudExtend. The approach varies depending on the type of metadata you wish to retrieve.

How to Get Custom Fields

Step 1: Open a new tab or worksheet and enable Start with a Template.

Step 2: Select Create New Records with Template then select the template to refresh on the My Templates section.

How to Get CloudExtend Customizations Added in NetSuite

If your organization has leveraged the CloudExtend "Celigo CENS Metadata Setting Record" to account for instances where dependencies are not working or there's a need to add a workaround for account search etc.

To refresh the metadata for all the fields within the template, do the following:

Step 1: Open a new tab or worksheet and select Create New Records.

Step 2: Search for the record type for which configurations were added.

Step 3: Click the three dots then click Refresh. It will load all the custom fields and standard fields. Once the loading screen stops, cancel the operation and go back to your active sheet.

Refresh Picklist Selection

If a new value/s is added to the NetSuite and not visible in the picklist option inside CloudExtend, you need to refresh the list to get the latest updates.

Step 1: Click on the cell of the active template and expand the picklist selection.

Step 2: Hit the three dots, and select Refresh.

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