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XLNS | Watch how you can create new Purchase Order via CloudExtend

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With CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite, you can optimize your process of creating and updating Purchase Orders.

See the video on how to upload new Purchase using the CloudExtend application.

Template Layout

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: It is best to check out the forms and fields and identify the header, column, and required fields in NetSuite that you may need to build the template.

If you are using NetSuite Classic Interface you can go to:

Path: Transactions > Purchases > Enter Purchase Order

  • TranId

  • Trandate

  • Entity

  • Location (Optional)

  • Approval Status (Optional, used by managers to Approve PO in mass)

  • Item List: Item

  • Item List: Quantity

  • Item List: Rate

Creating Purchase Order

To create one record, those lines that have the same header values will be recognized as one record.

Step 1: Fill in the value for the entity and repeat the header values on the template for each line you wish to have on your Purchase Order. Trandate and Tran ID are automatically generated by NetSuite.

Step 2: Key in the item from the pick list value or type ahead on the cell. You can also prepare the data beforehand and copy from one file to your CloudExtend template.

Step 3: Send to NetSuite by clicking Upload to NetSuite and then Upload Records.

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