Email Sync: How does Shared Association work?

Outlook NextGen | Learn how Shared Association works

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The shared association feature will give you the visibility of emails that are already synced to NetSuite.

Click an email in your inbox. In the CloudExtend panel > Associated Records section, you will see if the records are synced by you or by other CloudExtend users within your organization.

This eliminates duplicate email sync which keeps your NetSuite communication organized.

Email Associated to Records

The person who saves the email in an organization will be in green.

Everyone else on the thread will see the email saved in purple when they check their inbox. If you saved the email as Autopilot you will see the icons:

  • The three stars indicate Email Address-based Autopilot

  • AP will show if the email has been enabled as a thread-based autopilot

No Associated Records

If the email is not yet associated with any records. The screen will prompt:

This email is not associated with any records.

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