The process of updating a value to null with CloudExtend depends on the type of field you are working with. Setting null values to the following fields:

Header Level Fields

Non-Drop-down Field

To clear the text field and other non-down fields, set the value to :empty: then UPSERT.

Drop-down field

To clear a drop-down field, set the value to [[null]] then UPSERT.

Line Level Field (Sublist)

To clear the field values for all data types, remove the values from the fields you wish to set to null then UPSERT.

Here are some tips when removing values on a record:

  • To get all the latest data from NetSuite, click Refresh.

  • All entry and mandatory fields should be added to the template

  • Add replaceAll field and set to TRUE

Summary on clearing text and drop-down fields

Item 1: Header Level DROPDOWN fields, set the value to [[null]]

Item 2: Header Level TEXT fields, set the value to :empty:

Item 3 and 4: Sublist TEXT and DROP-DOWN fields, remove the value. The replaceAll field should be set to TRUE

⚠️ If you are working with Keyed Sublist record type, you need to clear out the line number to empty out the line-level fields you wish to remove.

💡 Note: When working with sublists, the approach for updating the lines in a sublist will vary depending on whether you are working with Keyed Sublists or Non-Keyed Sublists.

Keyed sublists allow you to set the replaceAll attribute to FALSE to update only the lines you are submitting in your SOAP request. When working with keyed sublists, the value of the replaceAll attribute has a different effect. Please read through this NetSuite article to learn more.

By default, NetSuite replaces every line when a user makes a change to one line on a transaction and selects the update Action. This can result in a loss of data, especially if you are not including all the fields on your template and providing values for them.

Learn how to use Replace All to update only select lines on a transaction and incrementally improve performance.

Deleting Lines

It is also possible to remove select lines from a transaction or record. Simply highlight and delete the rows you wish to delete from Excel then hit Upsert.

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