Prerequisites to CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite

  • Excel 2019 or higher (preferably a Microsoft 365 subscription) or

  • Full Web Services permissions enabled for user role
    Click here for a list of app login prerequisites

  • CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite bundle (ID: 246132) is now available publicly for all NetSuite users and can be installed in your accounts from here (requires NetSuite Admin). Enterprise Edition and Trial customers now can take advantage of the CloudExtend bundle to download Summary Saved Searches and calculated fields while downloading saved searches as Raw Data from CloudExtend Excel Data Management App. Learn more here.

📝 Note: If you don't have permission to install Add-Ins from the Microsoft Office store share this article with your Microsoft 365 Administrator.


Watch this video or follow the steps below

Step 1:  Open Excel on your Mac/PC or Excel online at

Step 2:  Press Insert (1) and then click on Store (newer versions of Excel will replace Store with Get Add-Ins and then search the store for CloudExtend.

Step 3:  Select the Add-in then type in CloudExtend on the search box.

Step 4: Go to CloudExtend for NetSuite Data Management and click Add.

Step 5: The Add-in will reside on the Data tab. Click Manage NetSuite Data and login to NetSuite.

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