CloudExtend allows you to push updates from Excel to NetSuite based on the internal ID or external ID. This article covers how to push changes based on the internal ID. Check out this article if you need to update based on external ID.

  • If the internal ID is present CloudExtend will perform an update on the NetSuite record. 

  • If the internal ID is not present CloudExtend will create a new NetSuite record. 

Choose your update method

CloudExtend offers two upsert options, Standard and Background.

Typically users that are updating small data sets would use the Standard Upload. Users processing large data sets or that need to submit multiple uploads simultaneously would benefit from the Background Upload Process.

📘Learn more about Background Upload here.

Updating 1 or more rows

  1. Update 1 row at a time by clicking on 1 of the cells within that row and clicking your desired update method.

2. Update multiple rows at a time by selecting a cell within those rows and clicking your desired update method.

3. Update all rows at once by checking off 'All Rows' and clicking your desired update method.

WARNING: If you hide rows, they WILL still be updated.

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