Picklist Enhancements :

  • CloudExtend Excel can now dynamically identify picklist values while you type data into sheet.

  • Example : If you have an account number “44551 Salaries”, with this new enhancement, you can just enter “44551” in Excel cell while entering your data and CloudExtend will fetch the complete picklist value from NetSuite and update the cell dynamically. If it finds multiple matches for entered value, user will be alerted to pick the correct value by clicking on the view picklist values in task pane.

  • Users will see the following visual cues to know if a picklist value is automatically identified or not.Excel cell turns grey when CloudExtend is identifying the value of picklistTurns normal once lookup is done and successfulTurns yellow if there is no match or there are multiple matches (i.e. when manual intervention is required).

   The following video gives a quick overview of the new functionality


Other Enhancements :

  • Support for Inventory number record

  • Ability to manually enter an internal Id when CloudExtend is not able to fetch Saved Searches.

Fixes :

  • Fixed an issue where CloudExtend is not able to fetch picklist values for a fields dependent on multiple fields

 Note to Existing Users:

Existing users will be required to reload their templates into sheet once for CloudExtend to identify the table and offer data operations options.

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