• Added support for Custom Segments. Users can now update/download Custom Segment field values using CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite.  Click here for details.

  • Known Issues: CloudExtend does not yet support dependencies in picklist value filtering and multi select picklists for custom segment

  • Support for new record typeVendor Payment

  • Support for data operations (Upload/Download/Refresh/Delete) batch size customization at NetSuite account level.  Click here for details.

  • Added ability to customize CloudExtend to treat warnings as errors. Click here for details.

  • CloudExtend now supports Creation/Updating of records using External Id. In a template when both Internal Id and External Id are present, InternalId always gets the preference. Following is the Update/Insert behavior based on the availability of Internal Id/External Id in the template.

  • Picklist caching enhancements for better performance. 

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