• In this release, we have redesigned the Google Drive integration UI to make it more user-friendly and easy to work with

  • The new Google Drive Picker UI enables easier search for files and folders in a user's drive

  • User can also use the drag & drop feature to upload files from his computer directly to Google Drive and to the selected NetSuite record

  • We have also migrated from the older Google Docs APIs to the latest Google Drive APIs

Instructions for upgrade to our latest Google Drive integration:

The steps below should only be followed once by your company's Google Apps Super Admin. There is no action required of end users.

  1. If you are licensed for Google Drive, your Super Admin will need to install an additional CloudExtend component over your Google Apps account

  2. To install the CloudExtend for Google Drive app, the Super Admin will need to sign out of all other Google Accounts other than the one for which CloudExtend for Google Drive needs to be enabled

  3. The Super Admin should then open the app by clicking the link here. Grant access to the app. The Google drive integration should be up and running for your organization

If you have any questions or run into an issue click here to contact our support.

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