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How-To: How to enforce data validation
How-To: How to enforce data validation

XLSF | Use Salesforce validation rules in combination with page layouts to ensure data integrity

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Customers have expressed concern about being able to create records without receiving a warning that required fields are missing. An example would be Opportunities without an Account or Contact. Since these fields are not required by default in the Opportunity object CloudExtend is able to create the Opportunity. without them.

If you want to ensure that they are required (and thus return an error to CloudExtend if missing) follow the steps below.

  • Mark them as required by editing EVERY Page Layout for the object and marking the field as required.

  • Create a validation rule so that the API can return an error.  The validation rule can be created for an object by going to Setup--> Type in Validation Rules in Quick Find Box --> Select respective object Validation Rules and add New.
    - To set the Account to be mandatory, the following expression can be entered in the error condition formula
    Once done, the API would respect it and throw an error if Account was not provided during the upsert process via CloudExtend.

For more info see this Salesforce article.

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