• Complete support for new Gmail UI

  • Added support for Inbox by Google 

  • CloudExtend Extension now plays nicely with the right side bar in new Gmail UI

  • Added ability to hide the Celigo Send & Save button

  • Gmail Add-on lite that works on browser and Android Mobiles is now publicly available for all customers. Learn more here

  • Added the ability to hide and unhide the new Gmail Add-on in browser if both Chrome Extension and new Add-on are installed. Most users will want to keep the Add-on hidden in browser sessions since the Chrome extension is more robust. If desired, the Add-on can be unhidden from Chrome Extension options as shown below.


  • CloudExtend Icon is now placed in the side bar as seen below. 


  • Fixed issue with "Compose from NetSuite" in new Gmail UI. 

Know Issues:

  • An intermittent "Failed to fetch message details from Gmail API" appears when sending mails using Celigo Send button. Learn more 

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