This article covers creating/updating matrix items as well as referencing them in transactions.

Creating and Updating Matrix Items

  • Creating matrix items
    Creating matrix items is a unique feature of the NetSuite UI and is not possible with CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite. 

  • Updating matrix items
    It is possible to edit standard and custom fields for matrix items in the same way you edit them for standard inventory items. Simply create an item template (inventory or non-inventory), load the items via data filter, saved search, or refresh, and then make changes to the fields. When complete push the data back to NetSuite via update.

  • What's not possible?
    Note, at present, the below limitations are known. Our product is evolving fast so be sure to check back.
    - It is not possible to update sublists such as pricing data (amounts, price levels, etc.)*
    - It is not possible to edit matrix-level fields such as color, size, etc.

*Editing prices and price levels is only possible using the Classic Edition (SmartClient). The Classic Edition is an older version of our app available only for Enterprise customers using Microsoft Windows. Support for editing prices and price levels is on the roadmap for CloudExtend Excel and is expected to be available in a future update. 

Using Matrix Items on Transactions

When adding a matrix item to a transaction simply add the child item, ie if you are selling a blue sweatshirt you would add the actual child item to the transaction, ie sweatshirt-blue.

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