One of the benefits of CloudExtend Outlook is its ability to allow users to create and edit NetSuite records such as Contacts, Customers, or Tasks directly in Outlook without having to open NetSuite. This is great for the majority of customers but what about those that don't want to give their users the ability to edit or create records in Outlook?

The solution is to create a specific NetSuite role for employees to use when signing in via the Outlook integration. This role should grant only View or Edit access to the record types you want to prevent users from creating. If users are allowed to edit records then you may provide Edit access as well.

If a user subsequently attempts to create a new record from within Outlook they will be blocked from doing so and will see the message below.

💡 Note: At present, the application does still show Create and Edit buttons and the user will only see the warnings when attempting to save the record.

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