Viewing the SOAP Web Services Process Status Log

When CloudExtend is unable to attach an email to a NetSuite record NetSuite Admins can learn more about the issue by viewing the SOAP Web Services Process Status Log or the SOAP Web Services Usage Log. These log files will contain both the request and the response sent by CloudExtend.

Our support team may also ask you for these log files. This article is intended for an Admin.

SOAP Web Services Process Status

Starting with the August 2020 release (versions 2.4.26 and higher) CloudExtend attaches emails via an asynchronous background process (Async). Async jobs are placed into the NetSuite queue for processing freeing up the processing time that was previously used to service real-time requests. CloudExtend also periodically polls the status of these jobs and updates the individual user's Outlook to indicate it the message was successful or not. In the unlikely event of a failure, you may hear from your NetSuite user.

Viewing the status of email attach requests

NetSuite Admins can view the status of these jobs by navigating to Setup > Integration > Web Services Process Status. A unique job ID is created for every email attach requested by end-users.

Admins can check for jobs with a failed state here. and then view the request/response XML for more detail (in addition to other tips below).

SOAP Web Services Usage Log

Each Async job may send a number of requests to NetSuite and those can be seen in the SOAP Web Services Usage Log by navigating to Setup >Integration >SOAP Web Services Usage Log. Admins can view the XML Request and Response files to further troubleshoot issues.

👉 See this article for more information on obtaining data from the web service usage log, including a video.

Contacting Support

Admins can contact support by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right of this page or by sending an email to Screenshots, XML files, and thorough explanations of the issue will help us resolve the issue faster.

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