CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite uses 3 Outlook categories and applies them as follows.

  • Synced by CloudExtend - this category is applied for every email attached using the asynchronous attach method.

  • Attached to NetSuite - this category is applied for every email attached using the older synchronous attach method.

  • CloudExtend Autopilot - this category is applied for every email that a user has enabled Autopilot for. Autopilot is a feature for Enterprise customers that will auto sync a thread without any user intervention. Learn more about Autopilot here.

  • Failed to Sync - this category is applied to an email if NetSuite returns an error message after the asynchronous process is complete. Users may first see the 'Synced by CloudExtend' category. If NetSuite returns an error the status check icon at the top of the CloudExtend add-in will also have a red exclamation mark on it showing each time you open the add-in.

In order to apply a category it must first exist in your master catalog. Although CloudExtend attempts to create categories for you the success of the creation is dependent on a number of things such as your Outlook version number and the mailbox you are attaching to. Because of this we recommend first time users spend a few minutes manually creating their categories.

Before manually creating your categories please note that if you've attached an email prior to performing this step CloudExtend has already tried to create at least one of the appropriate categories. In this scenario the following situations will apply.

If your category is already created

If you see your category already created and it is not appended with "(not in Master Category List)" anywhere in the text you don't need to manually create that category (it means we created it for you). Just ensure that all 3 of the categories have been created and if any are not present manually create them by following the steps at the end of this section.

The category is created but is appended with "(not in Master Category List)"

If your category is similar to the screenshot below please see this help article and follow the steps to add the category to your master catalog.

Special note for Mac users

Mac users may see that their emails are categorized and the color is set to transparent which makes it difficult to easily see which emails have been attached when viewing all your emails (because the color is transparent). Mac users will still need to create each category manually to work around this per below steps.

Creating your categories manually

Now that you've determined your categories don't exist it's time to create them manually. Watch the short video or follow the steps below.

The process on a Mac is very similar.

  1. Click categories (located in your ribbon bar)

  2. Click 'new'

  3. Enter "Synced by CloudExtend" (without the quotes). This is case sensitive so please consider just copying and pasting

  4. Assign a color and then click OK to save

  5. Repeat this step for each of the 4 categories not yet created ('Attached to NetSuite', 'Failed to Sync', CloudExtend Autopilot)

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