Depending on your version of Outlook and the mailbox type you are working with CloudExtend may not be able to create a category in your Master Category List. In such a case you will see your new category name append by (not in Master Category List).

To add these to the master category list see the short video or follow the steps below.

Step 1: Find your category appended with (not in Master Category List) and click New.

Step 2: Rename the category.

  • Select a new color.

  • Provide a name > "Attached to NetSuite","Synced by CloudExtend", or "Failed to Sync".

    The name is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as indicated, everything prior to (not in Master Category List).

  • Click OK.

You should now see a new color mapped to your new master category.

Once the above steps are done, every time you attach a new email, you will see that all attached mails are categorized automatically.

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