This article is intended for end-users of CloudExtend Autopilot and includes basic instructions, FAQs, and troubleshooting steps.

💡 Tip: Autopilot needs to be enabled by your Admin before you see it as an option in the App. Once they enable it for you the feature may not be available right away. You can expedite this by logging out of the app and back in again.

What is Autopilot

Autopilot enables users to attach an email to one or more NetSuite records and then auto-sync every single back/forth reply attached to those same records, even when they are away from their computer.

Eligible Customers

Autopilot is available for customers on our Enterprise Edition. This article is intended for Microsoft Outlook users. Google Workspace users can use this link to learn more. If you're not sure what plan you are on or wish to upgrade check with your admin or contact

Using Autopilot

Autopilot is available for your personal mailbox as well as a shared mailbox that has been properly shared with you.

🛑 If you're using Autopilot with a shared mailbox please be sure to review the Shared Mailbox FAQ in this article.

Turning Autopilot on for a thread

Once your admin has enabled Autopilot for your organization (admins click here to learn how to enable Autopilot for your org) it will be available to you when you select a NetSuite record to attach to right above the Save Email button at the bottom of the CloudExtend task pane.

Turn on CloudExtend Autopilot

Step 1: Open CloudExtend and search for the NetSuite record(s) you'd like to attach the email to.

Step 2: Once you select the record(s) you will see the option to turn Autopilot on above the Save Email button.

Step 3: Turn the slider on to enable Autopilot.

Step 4: Click Save Email.

Step 5: Rest easy knowing that all the subsequent replies will show up in NetSuite without any further action on your part.

Turning Autopilot off for a thread

If an email thread begins to go off-topic and/or you don't want the thread to auto-sync anymore simply open the add-in, click the menu icon in the Autopilot section and select Cancel Autopilot.

Once Autopilot is turned off it cannot be turned back on again from the same email. To turn Autopilot back on you can reply to the email and then open it from your sent items folder. select the NetSuite records, and re-enable Autopilot.

Visual Cues

CloudExtend uses a variety of visual clues to help you understand the status of an email.

  1. To check the current status of Autopilot (ie is it still on or has it been disabled) you can check at the bottom of the CloudExtend task pane. Autopilot can be turned off from here as well.

  2. In the middle of the task pane, you can see which NetSuite records the email is syncing to. You can even access the NetSuite record directly by clicking on the menu icon.

  3. CloudExtend adds Outlook categories to the email as well to let you know the email has been attached via Autopilot. Depending on your Outlook version and screen size these may be displayed as text in a colored box or just as a small colored icon. In addition, the NetSuite record in the task pane will have a blue circle with AP to let you know which records are on Autopilot.


🔵 Does Autopilot work in shared mailboxes?

Yes, with the following prerequisites.

🔵 Prerequisites to using CloudExtend Autopilot with a shared mailbox

  • The shared mailbox has been properly configured by your Microsoft 365 Admin

  • Your Microsoft 365 Admin must have configured the shared mailbox to save a copy of the sent mail in the shared mailbox sent items folder in order to use the recommended approach below.

🔵 Each mailbox has its own Autopilot

When and where you put an email on Autopilot is important because each mailbox has its own Autopilot. As a general rule, once you enable Autopilot you should reply from the same mailbox. If you reply from a different mailbox (say your personal mail, not the shared mail) the Autopilot for that thread will cease to function.

  • Recommended

    If you reply to emails in your shared mailbox using your shared mailbox address (ie as the sender (FROM) there is no special action required for all activities (sending and receiving) only occur in the shared mailbox. Just go ahead and attach the mail to NetSuite being sure to check the Enable Autopilot box prior to attaching.
    From this point forward all back and forth replies will be on Autopilot as long as you continue to set your shared mailbox address as the sender.

  • Alternate

    If you reply to emails in your shared mailbox using your personal email address as the sender (FROM) then Autopilot actions will need to be performed in your own mailbox (typically from your sent items folder). Do not put the mail on Autopilot until your reply has been sent from your personal mailbox.

    • Compose your reply (being sure that the sender is set as your personal email) and send it to the recipient.

    • Navigate to the sent items folder of your personal mailbox and attach your mail to NetSuite being sure to check the Enable Autopilot box prior to attaching

Known Issues

We have uncovered some issues and plan to address them in a future build.

If you are using Outlook online or certain beta versions of Microsoft Outlook the CloudExtend Autopilot category will be applied erroneously in the following scenarios. Note this does not apply to users of nonbeta versions of Outlook desktop.

  • For users using the recommended approach above a copy of the sent mail will also be placed in the sent items folder on their personal mailbox and a CloudExtend Autopilot category will be applied erroneously. Please note that only the mail in the shared mailbox (inbox/sent items) is actually on Autopilot.

  • If you attach an email first using Autopilot from your shared mailbox and then reply to it using your personal mail as the "From address it will not continue to be on Autopilot (unless you followed the steps above to also put it on Autopilot from your sent items folder) but categories may be erroneously applied.

🔵 Will Autopilot work if my Outlook email address is different than my NetSuite login email?

No, Autopilot will not function if your Microsoft email address is different than the email address you use to login to NetSuite.

🔵 Does Autopilot work in compose mode?

Not yet. When you are composing an email and select a NetSuite record to attach the email to Autopilot is not an option. The technical reason for this is that the email does not yet have an ID that we can use for future reference in determining which emails to sync automatically. For this reason, we suggest you send the email and then attach the email from your sent items folder and put it on Autopilot (at this point the email ID is available to CloudExtend for tracking).

🔵 Does Autopilot work with on-premise Exchange Servers

No, Autopilot requires an API that is only available on online servers hosted by Microsoft.

🔵 Does Autopilot work if the subject changes?

No. When the subject changes Microsoft assigns a new conversation ID therefore Autopilot will stop working and will need to be enabled again.

🔵 If I have an email on Autopilot with multiple people on the thread and 1 person replies to me via "reply" only. Does that email continue to sync on Autopilot?

Yes, the email will continue to sync.

🔵 Can I add an email and put it on Autopilot from my phone or tablet?

Not yet, however, if an email is already on Autopilot and you respond from your mobile or tablet it will automatically sync to NetSuite.

🔵 Will Autopilot sync file attachments

At present only the first email you attach can include file attachments. Subsequent emails that are auto-synced will not include files. This is by design based on feedback from customers that are concerned about using up their allotted NetSuite storage space. If you receive an email with attachments that you want to attach to NetSuite you can upload them manually, attach them via our OneDrive/SharePoint integration, or cancel Autopilot, forward the mail to yourself, attach the files, and then re-enable Autopilot.

🔵 If multiple people in my company are cc'd on an email and they all put an email on Autopilot what will happen?

At present each email would end up in NetSuite so there could be a number of duplicate emails. We are currently looking into adding functionality to allow users to see if an email has been added by a co-worker. Until this is added to CloudExtend we suggest that your organization create a set of rules such as the 1st person in the cc list or to line of an email is responsible for attaching the email to NetSuite.

🔵 My email is connected to more than one NetSuite account. Can I use Autopilot on all of them?

At present, the admin can only connect your Autopilot configuration to a single NetSuite account. We are currently looking into functionality that can expand this beyond the single account limit.


🔵 I am receiving an error that Autopilot is not associated with this account. Contact your administrator to enable it.

If you're receiving the error below try the following:

Autopilot is not associated with this account. Contact your administrator to enable it.

Step 1: Ask your admin to remove you from the subscription portal and then add you back.

Step 2: Log out of the app and back in again.

Step 3: If you still have issues contact support using the chat icon at the bottom right.

🔵 Autopilot is not showing as an option when I select a NetSuite record to attach my email to

Check with your admin to make sure you have a CloudExtend Enterprise edition subscription and that your admin has enabled Autopilot. If they have try logging out of the App and back in again.

If you are on an enabled Enterprise subscription and still don't see the option to use Autopilot then check for an error connecting to your Exchange server REST URL. This can be done by clicking the menu icon and then navigating to settings->developer settings->system diagnostics and checking the REST URL. If you don't see a green checkmark then there is an error connecting to your Exchange server REST URL. Close and restart Outlook to try and re-establish the connection.

CloudExtend Rest URL

🔵 Category Concerns

I don't see the CloudExtend Autopilot category on my emails or I'm getting an error message stating a category cannot be created.

Learn more about troubleshooting categories in this article.

🔵 Each time an email is attached an additional category label is applied so I end up with multiple categories on one email or I have turned off Autopilot and the category is still applied to every reply.

We have noticed that in some version of Outlook with Conversation View enabled that Outlook will apply any category on the initial email to every reply in the thread. Turning off the conversation view has solved this in the cases we have seen.

🔵 My email is on Autopilot but I don't see it in NetSuite yet

CloudExtend sends your messages to a queue in NetSuite. You can check the status of your Autopilot messages (up to the most recent 14 days) by clicking the status icon (which looks like a clock) in your toolbar.

Click the Autopilot tab and then click Current Email and select your filter (Success, Pending, Failure) to get an accurate status as to where this mail is in the process. Select All to see the status for all your Autopilot emails over the last 14 days.

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