Syncing Emails

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Email Sync: How to Attach Emails to NetSuiteOLNS | Learn how to configure auto-fetch and how to manually search for records
Email Sync: How to associate a file with a record instead of an emailOLNS | Learn how to associate a file already in NetSuite with any record
Email Sync: Attaching to NetSuite while composing an email in OutlookOLNS | How to attach emails to NetSuite when composing or replying to an email
Email Sync: How to manually search for a record to attach an email toOLNS | Manually search for a record(s) to attach an email to
Email Sync: Selecting and saving file attachments to NetSuite records with CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | How to save file attachments to NetSuite with CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite
Email Sync: Inline images and file attachment handling for CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Learn how CloudExtend Outlook handles inline images and file attachments
Email Sync: Where are emails and file attachments saved in NetSuite?OLNS | How to find where emails and file attachments are stored in NetSuite
Email Sync: Jump to a NetSuite record quickly from CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Learn how to get into NetSuite to view a record quickly from CloudExtend Outlook
Email Sync: How long does it take for an email to attach to NetSuiteOLNS | Learn how CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite improves speed
Email Sync: Auto-fetch to attach emails quicklyOLNS | Using the Suggest related records button to search and find records quickly
Email Sync: Configure records that you want auto-fetched by CloudExtend Outlook when you click Suggest Related RecordsOLNS | Filter on what records you want auto-fetched when you click Suggest Related Records
Email Sync: CloudExtend Autopilot for Microsoft OutlookOLNS | Learn more about CloudExtend Autopilot
Email Sync: CloudExtend Autopilot for Shared MailboxesOLNS | Learn how to use troubleshoot CloudExtend Autopilot licensing issues on a shared mailbox