Email Sync: How to associate a file with a record instead of an email

OLNS | Learn how to associate a file already in NetSuite with any record

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CloudExtend respects NetSuite internal processes to preserve the integrity of messages and file attachments by ensuring that they reside on the native NetSuite email record.

From time-to-time users may want to attach these files to a NetSuite record as well as the email address.

This video shows how to quickly associate an existing NetSuite file that was uploaded with CloudExtend to any NetSuite record without occupying additional NetSuite storage space.

๐Ÿ’ก Note:

Autopilot does not include file attachments. This is by design based on feedback from customers that are concerned about using up their allotted NetSuite storage space. If you receive an email with attachments that you want to attach to NetSuite you can upload them manually, attach them via our OneDrive/SharePoint integration, or cancel Autopilot, forward the mail to yourself, attach the files, and then re-enable Autopilot.

If you're not able to complete the steps in the video below contact your NetSuite admin and ensure that you have the maximum permissions enabled for documents and files. To test this navigate to the folder named "Attachments Received" (under Documents and Folders) and see if you are allowed to click on the edit icon.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Learn more about attaching files through email messages here.

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