Email Sync: Attaching to NetSuite while composing an email in Outlook

Outlook NextGen | How to attach emails to NetSuite when in Compose Mode or replying to an email

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Attaching emails to NetSuite from compose mode is fast and easy. View this short video or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Enter all the relevant information into your message. Click on the CloudExtend NetSuite button if you do not have CloudExtend pinned (which we recommend by clicking on the pin). This will ensure the application stays on the screen at all times.

Step 2: Click Suggest Related Records for you or if you want to Search for Records manually. (Learn more about searching options here.) In this example, I chose the Suggest Related Records option.

(1) Choose the record or records you want to attach the email to.

(2) Click Associate Email.

(3) Remember to send your email.


Always remember to send your email after you attach it to NetSuite records. We recommend that you do not change the message content after attaching the email.


πŸ”΅ CloudExtend currently doesn't support file attachments in compose mode

If you want to attach an email along with files, open the email from the sent folder and then use CloudExtend to attach.

  • For Autopilot, attachments are only included in the first email, not in subsequent ones. The file/s will be stored in the NetSuite file cabinet.

  • To save NetSuite storage, Enterprise users can manually upload and attach files using OneDrive/SharePoint integration.

  • We are developing a feature to allow attachments in future emails, available in an upcoming release.

πŸ’‘ Notes:

If you are composing an Outlook email with attachments you will not be able to attach the files until the email has been sent. This is a limitation of the Microsoft API. The Microsoft API requires that the attachments already be on your Exchange Server before they can be accessed via the API and emails in compose mode only have the files on your local system. Once you send an email the files are stored on Exchange Server and the API has access to them.

Therefore we recommend sending the email and opening it in your sent items folder to attach the email and files to NetSuite.

πŸ”΅ Email Autopilot is not available in compose mode

  • Go to your Sent Items folder and you can activate Autopilot from there.

  • If you have activated Email Address-Based Autopilot (To/From/CC) to the email address you are sending the email to, no need to do anything! It will automatically sync the email to the record associated and any future correspondence.

πŸ”΅ No categories will be generated for emails saved in compose mode

  • Categories are not fully supported by the Microsoft API when attaching emails via compose mode. Know more about it here.

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