File attachments will only transfer to the email in NetSuite if the user selects to include it as part of the file attachment process. File attachments will occupy NetSuite storage space.

💡 Note:

Autopilot does not include file attachments. This is by design based on feedback from customers that are concerned about using up their allotted NetSuite storage space. If you receive an email with attachments that you want to attach to NetSuite you can upload them manually, attach them via our OneDrive/SharePoint integration, or cancel Autopilot, forward the mail to yourself, attach the files, and then re-enable Autopilot.

Set your File Attachment Sticky Preference

By default, no files will be automatically selected and you will be required to select them for each email you attach.*

Step 1: To view and/or change your sticky settings click the menu icon at the top left and then select File Attachment Preferences.

Step 2: Choose your desired default behavior. This is essentially a sticky setting that will apply for each email you attach moving forward. You can override the setting on a per email basis if desired by selecting or unselecting attachments.

  1. No Attachment or Inline Images
    Use this setting to ensure that no files are pre-selected. This is often desired to minimize storage space.

  2. Only Attachments
    Emails can have both inline images and attachments. Selecting this option will ensure that every email has only file attachments pre-selected.

  3. Only Inline Images
    Select this option to include only inline images by default. If users want to also include attachments they would need to select them for each mail attached.

  4. Both Attachments and Inline Images
    Selecting this option will automatically add all file attachments and inline images to each email you attach.

Attach the files and email

You can include attachments from an email on the following scenarios:

Based on Updates to this thread

Another option is using Updates to this thread, you may want to use this to sync email to NetSuite record/s within the thread.

Step 1: Select Suggest Related Records.

Step 2: On the Autopilot section, select Updates to this thread.

Step 3: In the Matching Records section choose what records you want to attach emails to. If you want to associate an email to a record/s that's not on the list, scroll down and click Add More Records.

Step 4: Scroll down to Attachments and mark the files you want to sync along.

Step 5: Once done, click Start Autopilot.

One-Time Saving Method

With every email that you want to be saved in NetSuite, you have to manually save it every single time. When to use it:

  • You only want very important emails in NetSuite.

  • You are saving on transactions like Sales Orders or Invoices.

  • You typically do not have long email threads going on with your customers.

  • You are on the Group Edition and do not have a choice (Autopilot options are only available on the Enterprise Edition. Ask us about upgrading.)

Step 1: Switch to One-Time tab and select the record where you want to save the email to.

Step 2: If you also want to save this email to additional records that we did not pull back for you, you can use the Search and Add More Records button at the bottom to search and attach to additional record types.

Step 3: Click Associate Email, if you are ready to save the email for one-time only.

Manual Search

From the Welcome page

Step 1: Click Search for records.

Step 2: Choose from the dropdown list one of the supported record types you want to search for and enter the search criteria (company, name, invoice number, etc.), and hit enter.

Inside Suggest Related Record Screen

Step 1: Click on Suggest Related Records, then click the magnifying glass on top.

Step 2: Choose from the dropdown list one of the supported record types you want to search for and enter the search criteria (company, name, invoice number, etc.), and hit enter.

🚨 Learn more about where file attachments are stored in NetSuite.

🚨 Learn more about how inline images and hosted images are handled.

💡 Note that email replies with attachments that are on Autopilot will never be attached regardless of the settings (Learn more).

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