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Navigating CloudExtend Outlook: Getting Started Guide with NextGen
Navigating CloudExtend Outlook: Getting Started Guide with NextGen

Outlook NextGen | Learn how to save emails to NetSuite, save file attachments to NetSuite, and more

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What is CloudExtend Outlook NextGen?

CloudExtend gives your organization visibility into important communications. Without CloudExtend your important emails remain invisible to others in your inbox. We offer an easy 1-click solution to attach your emails to NetSuite records directly from Outlook and more.

The next generation of CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite was built so that the user experience is improved and users can perform their day-to-day tasks with more ease.

πŸ’‘ Note:

This version is exclusively accessible to Enterprise and Group edition users at present. We are actively striving to extend availability to User Edition users as well.

⚠️ Before transitioning to NextGen, please review the following important information:

  • Thread-based and Email Address-based Autopilot will continue to work in the NextGen version.

  • Any emails previously associated via Thread or Email Address-Based AutoPilot will show properly as the associated inside CloudExtend app.

  • However, if the email was previously associated via One-Time, it will tagged as This email is not associated with any Records.

  • Shared Mailbox is not yet supported in this release.

    We are actively working on addressing this issue and plan to resolve it in the upcoming release!

Recommended Customizations

Sync Emails to NetSuite

Calendar Sync

More Features for Enterprise Users

Begin using CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite NextGen to save time and be more productive.

If you have any questions or would like a walkthrough please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at

πŸ‘‰ Check out these best practices for you to optimize your CloudExtend usage! Happy saving!

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