Calendar Sync: Saving Outlook Calendar events to NetSuite records

OLNS | Learn how to attach Outlook Calendar events to NetSuite records

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Event Autopilot requires an Enterprise Edition subscription.

  • Additionally, your organization must subscribe to Event Autopilot separately

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Saving Calendar Events to NetSuite

This functionality is intended for CloudExtend users who are part of a group plan or are on the Enterprise plan but have not enabled the Event Sync feature.

πŸ›‘ Before continuing please be sure to refer to this article for prerequisites and troubleshooting.

After viewing the above article watch this video and/or follow the article below to learn how to attach Outlook calendar events to NetSuite.

Review your NetSuite calendar preferences

If you want others to see your event names (as opposed to just showing you as busy) navigate to Home> Set Preferences> Activities and set your default event access settings for new events. Events created by CloudExtend will use your default NetSuite setting.

Attaching Events to NetSuite Records

Attaching Calendar events works the same way as attaching emails to records. Attaching events is supported for events received or created by the user.Β 

First-time user?

⚠️ If you are trying to attach an event for the first time, you will be asked to select your NetSuite user time zone.
πŸ’‘ Note: It is important that the time zone selected here matches the NetSuite user's time zone. Selecting the wrong timezone may lead to a mismatch in event schedules between Outlook and NetSuite.Β 

Associating your event with NetSuite records


If you have multiple attendees invited you do NOT need to attach the event to each attendee. You only need to attach the event to a single NetSuite record and the event will be visible under that record as well as under employees and contacts that are in the invite last (as long as they exist in NetSuite). In fact, if you attach the event to every contact on the list you will end up with duplicate events.

Create your Calendar event in Outlook as you normally would. BEFORE sending your Calendar invite, click on the CloudExtend icon on the calendar view ribbon bar (alternatively re-open the event and click the CloudExtend icon).

When CloudExtend launches decide how you want to find the records you want to attach your email to. You can either click Suggest Related Records which will do an auto fetch and pull back relevant records for you (find out more here on how to filter on which records you want pulled back) or click Search for Records and you can manually find the record(s) you want to attach it to.

Decide which record(s) you would like to attach the event to by checking off the check box and then hit Attach.

Wait for the checkmarks as shown below.

And then ensure you send your invite!

After the event has been saved, you will notice 3 dots next to the record(s) it is attached to along with 3 options.

  • View in NetSuite - this will bring you directly to the record the event is attached to in NetSuite. Learn where to see events in Netsuite here.

  • View Appointment - this will bring you to the Calendar Event in NetSuite.

  • Re-Sync - if an event is changed after you already saved it to NetSuite the updated event will not reflect in NetSuite until it is re-synced by clicking Re-Sync.

Where to go to view Calendar Events sync via CloudExtend?

After saving the event in Outlook and want to view the details in NetSuite, you have two options to view event details

Record Level View

Step 1: Click the three dots and select View in NetSuite.

Step 2: Go to Communications > Activities tab

Calendar Portlet

Add calendar portlet to your NetSuite dashboard, calendar events saved from Outlook via Cloudextend will also show on your own NetSuite calendar.

Changing your event

At present, once you close CloudExtend, the visual indicator (3 dots above) is no longer available to show which NetSuite records it's attached to (we're working on it). If you change your event and want to sync the changes back to NetSuite you'll need to:

Step 1: Open the event in edit mode and make your changes.

Step 2: Search for the NetSuite record it was attached to.

Step 3: Click the 3 dots to the right and select resync.

A few important points to notes

  • If you have required custom fields on your event form NetSuite will return an error message and the event will not be saved. Refer to this article for more information.

  • If any of the attendees from the Outlook event are not entities in NetSuite, those attendees will be skipped and will not appear as attendees in the event created in NetSuite.

  • If the event previously attached has changed, these changes will not sync automatically and you would be required to manually re-sync the changes.

  • If you are trying to attach an event to a contact that is not invited to the calendar event the contact must be related to a company. Post attaching the event appears as an activity on that contact and the associated company as well.Β 

  • All Events are saved under the Communication tab under Activities in NetSuite.

  • See this article for prerequisites and additional troubleshooting advice.


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