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Settings: CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Status Log
Settings: CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Status Log

OLNS | Learn about the status log in CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite

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Status Log Explained

The status log provides users with a summary of the last 14 days activity and is stored locally on the user's machine. The activity is also unique to the client, for example, if a user attached an email to Outlook on the web the status will only be available from Outlook on the web.

Go to the Status icon (which looks like a clock) in your toolbar. You will see the General (1) and Autopilot (2) tabs. Users can view the status of all emails or just the current email by selecting All (3) or Current Email (4). There is also a way to filter the status of the logs (5).

  • Go to the General tab to see the logs that you have for Autopilot and One-Time save method.

  • Go to the Autopilot tab for Autopilot tracking. There will be two tabs to check the status depending on what save mode you want to track. Switch between Thread based and To/From/CC based.

  • Select from the drop-down (Success, Pending, Failure) to get an accurate status as to where this email is in the process. Select All to see the status of all your Autopilot emails over the last 14 days.

There are 3 different statuses as explained below.


Viewing the success log will show the subject line (1) for the current email (or all emails depending on the view chosen). The subject line can be expanded to show the record(s) to the email attached to (2) and will show files attached to it (3).


Once CloudExtend sends the email to NetSuite we move the status to Pending. Once NetSuite completes the email attach process the status is changed to Success. The amount of time it takes for NetSuite to perform the attach process is highly dependent on how busy your NetSuite account is.

CloudExtend will periodically poll NetSuite to update the status in Outlook. In all cases, the email will be attached to NetSuite prior to the status being updated in Outlook.

For this reason, we highly discourage obsessing over the items in Pending Status.

Your emails will always attach faster than they show in the status log and, if there is ever an error, you'll be alerted with the Failure status (below)


If NetSuite returns an error attaching an email the status icon will display an error icon (below). This will be visible within the CloudExtend application regardless of the email you are viewing. To view, the errors open the status log and filter to display those with the status of Failure.


How do I clear the logs?

At present, it is not possible to manually clear the log files. Log files are auto-cleared after 14 days, ie once a particular activity is 15 days old it is removed from the log file. It is still possible to view the NetSuite record the email has been attached to by navigating to the home view.

How to troubleshoot errors

Share this link with your NetSuite Admin. This link includes some useful troubleshooting steps that are typically only available to NetSuite Admins.

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