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How to Use Autopilot for Shared Mailboxes

Depending on your internal process, you have two options:

Scenario 1:

If you wish to prevent others from viewing replies in a shared inbox and prefer to interact with customers using your personal inbox, follow these steps:

  • When an email arrives in the support inbox, reply to the customer individually and select your own email address.

  • The responses you send will not be visible in the shared inbox.

  • Instead, they will be directed to your personal inbox. Remember to activate Autopilot in your personal mailbox.

Scenario 2:

If you want to maintain continuous communication and visibility within your shared mailbox while responding individually from your personal inbox follow these steps:

  • Enable Autopilot in your shared mailbox.

  • When an email arrives in the support inbox, respond using your own email address and CC the support mailbox. This way, any subsequent conversation will be visible in both your shared and personal mailboxes.

  • Activate Autopilot in your personal mailbox to ensure smooth communication.

🚨 Note: The user that put the email on Email Addressed based Autopilot is the only one who can remove the Auto Association settings.

Troubleshooting License Issues

Because CloudExtend Autopilot is a background process that runs on mailboxes on your Exchange Server a separate CloudExtend licenses is required for your shared mailbox. If a licenses has not been provisioned you will see the message below.

Steps to resolve

Ask your admin to provision a license for your shared mailbox by adding the mailbox name, ie, in the CloudExtend subscription portal.

To learn more about Autopilot, including how to use it with shared mailboxes, use the links below

  • Link to FAQ on how to use Autopilot when the from email is your own or that of your shared mailbox

  • Admin Link (includes setup instructions, prerequisites, and troubleshooting tips)

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