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Troubleshooting: Updating CloudExtend Outlook
Troubleshooting: Updating CloudExtend Outlook

OLNS | Learn how to check your version number and update to the latest version

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CloudExtend updates are delivered in a SaaS fashion, ie they get pushed to users automatically and there is generally no action required to receive the update. From time to time we have seen some users' updates delayed and this article will help you force the update.

If you were prompted to manually update by our support team or an in-app message this article will help you update manually.

Checking your version number

First, note your current version number. You'll want to make sure this changes after the update. To check your version number click the menu icon at the top right and then click Settings. You will find your version number at the bottom.

Forcing the update

πŸ”΅ Windows Users

To force the update on a PC click anywhere inside the CloudExtend add-in and click F5 on your keyboard. The add-in will refresh (the screen will go blank for a moment).

πŸ”΅ Mac Users

To force the update on the Mac just reload CloudExtend by right-clicking in the add-in and selecting reload.


If you're having trouble updating follow the instructions in this article.

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