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Troubleshooting: Unable to connect to the REST URL
Troubleshooting: Unable to connect to the REST URL

OLNS | Learn why you may get a message that Outlook is experiencing an issue that is affecting CloudExtend functionality

Updated over a week ago

In order for CloudExtend to perform certain actions such as creating/applying categories, enabling Autopilot, and more, it relies on a connection to the REST API on the user's Exchange Server. If there is an issue with the connection the user will see the message below with an orange banner.

Resolving the issue

  • Closing Outlook and restarting it often forces a reconnection to the REST URL. If this has not resolved your issue then the issue may need to be escalated to your own IT department.

  • Other users may be on a version of Outlook that requires an update. No matter what version you are on please check Outlook for updates and apply them and try again.

Still not working?

Let us take a try and sort out the issue for you before your IT team creates a ticket with Microsoft. Please send the CloudExtend team a screenshot of the following which we can review. After reviewing the support team will help with the next steps.

Screenshots Needed

Step 1: Screenshot of your Outlook version number (learn how to find it here)

Step 2: Screenshot of your OS version number (Mac or PC).

Step 3: Screenshot of your system diagnostics from the CloudExtend add-in (see below)

Once support has this info they will review it with an engineer and help provide the next steps. To reiterate it is likely that we'll need to involve your IT team at this stage.

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