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End-Users: Installing CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite (Getting Started Guide)
End-Users: Installing CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite (Getting Started Guide)

XLANS | Learn how to install CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite and get started

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Before you begin

Make sure that your user role and NetSuite account have met the prerequisites.


  • Users must have specific NetSuite permissions such as user access tokens and soap web services. Click here to learn more.

  • A Microsoft 365 subscription is required to use the add-in.

  • The CloudExtend bundle must be installed in your NetSuite account

  • In order to use the scheduling component, the file must be saved on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

Known Issues

We're tracking known issues here. Please give it a quick glance before proceeding.


Install the CloudExtend bundle (performed by your Admin)

Verify that the CloudExtend bundle has been installed by your NetSuite admin. If the bundle has not been installed users will see the error below when using the App.

That Suitelet is invalid, disabled, or no longer exists.

Install CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite App from Microsoft AppSource (performed by the end-user or Admin)

End users Installation from Microsoft AppSource can be done by end users or by Microsoft 365 admins on behalf of users.


Admins can deploy to one or more users directly from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. See the video below for details.

See the short video below for an overview of both installation processes.

End Users

Open Excel and then click Insert > Get Add-Ins and search Microsoft AppSource for CloudExtend and then click to install.

Loading the Add-In

CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite has been added to your Data tab automatically. Select Analyze NetSuite Data to load the add-in.

Logging in to CloudExtend Analytics for NetSuite

Sign in with Microsoft 365

Step 1: Click Sign in with Microsoft at the bottom of the CloudExtend task pane.

Step 2: Enter your Microsoft 365 username and password (usually your email)

Step 3: Review and accept the permissions.

Creating your trial

Enter the details to finish signing up for your trial.

🚨If you are working with an Account Executive who has already started your Enterprise trial, skip this step and as long as you have logged into and allocated licenses to the right users, you can proceed to the next step which is logging in. More information on the admin portal and allocating licenses here.

Connect your NetSuite account

After creating the trial you will connect to your NetSuite account. Please be sure your admin has installed the bundle before completing this step.

Step 1: Start by providing your NetSuite account number and follow the prompts to log in.

Step 2: Provide your consent (note that your role must have the necessary prerequisites in order to log in to NetSuite).

πŸŽ‰ Congrats! Now you are done with the login and all set to load your first saved search. See how here.

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