View this video tutorial on managing licenses or follow the steps below.

To begin managing your CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite licenses please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Visit and log in to the Admin Portal with your Microsoft ID (this was previously provided to your Account Manager and is typically your Microsoft 365 email address).

🚨 Do you get a prompt asking for Approval when trying to log into 3rd party application with Microsoft Azure? See the article here to fix the issue.

Step 2: Click on Manage Licenses. All your subscriptions will be displayed here.

Adding Accounts

Step 1: Click on Accounts. This is where you can add your Production, Sandbox, and Release Preview accounts.

Step 2: Enter your Account number (1). Choose from the dropdown (2) if it is a Sandbox or a Production Account and click the + sign (3). Add additional accounts if applicable.

  • For Sandbox, Accounts be sure to use an _ instead of a hyphen and capitalize the SB, ie if your sandbox is 12345-sb1 enter 12345_SB1.

  • For Release Preview Accounts, please configure them as sandbox accounts using the "_RP" suffix, ie 12345_RP.

Adding Licenses

Step 1: Click Manage Licenses.

Step 2: Click on Licenses.

Step 3: Your subscription information will be displayed at the top. Below that you will see licensed users. To add a newly licensed user enter their email address (1) and then click Add User (2). Add as many users as applicable.

🚨 Once you allocate licenses to end users, they will receive an email from us with how to install the application and get started.

Removing Licensed Users

Step 1: To remove a licensed user go to Manage Licenses.

Step 2: Click on the Trash Bin next to the user you would like to remove/delete.

How to Add Admin users

We highly recommend having at least two admins. The primary admin is a super-admin. Only the super-admin can add other admins. All other admins can manage licenses and accounts.

Step 1: You can add additional users who can manage your enterprise licenses by clicking on Admin Users.

Step 2: Enter the email of the user (1) and click Add Admin (2). The user is added to the list. To remove users, press the Delete button (bin icon).

⚠️ Important

The email Id has to be an office 365 ID or Microsoft ID.

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