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Calendar Sync: Sync Shared Google Calendars using CloudExtend
Calendar Sync: Sync Shared Google Calendars using CloudExtend

Gmail | How to sync shared Google Calendar using CloudExtend

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Many organizations have a shared calendar where multiple people may be booking events for others in one particular shared calendar. CloudExtend supports the sync from Google to NetSuite and NetSuite to Google.

This article is broken down into 3 sections:


Step 1: Create your shared calendar and share it with the right individuals in your organization. (Name of the shared calendar in this example is “Services Calendar”.)

Step 2: Create a new employee record in NetSuite. Put the CalendarID from Google Calendar into the email field in NetSuite. Name the calendar the same name as you have named it in Google.

💡 Note: You need to give temporary NetSuite access to services calendar employee record, access can be removed after assigning the license.

To get the CalendarID go to your Google Calendar and click on Settings > Settings and Sharing for the Shared Calendar.

Step 3: Assign CloudExtend GCal licenses via the CloudExtend configuration wizard (more on that here) to the employees who you want to have the Calendar sync.

Step 1: Launch Celigo CloudExtend for Google Workspace in NetSuite by navigating to Setup > Custom > Celigo CloudExtend Setup

Then go to User Licenses.

How to create/save events from NetSuite to Google

Step 1: When creating an even from NetSuite that you want to be synced to the shared calendar go to Activities → Scheduling → Events → New

Enter in all relevant information such as title, date, time, message, and (IMPORTANT) make sure you invite the shared calendar as an attendee of the event (along with anyone else in the Organization you want to invite). In the below example, Elise is the Organizer who created the event so it will also sync to her Google Calendar. If you do not want that to happen you can set the organizer to someone else (More on that in the next example).

Step 2: The event will sync in real-time to the services calendar, Justine Burdo’s calendar.

If you are the Organizer of the event but are only scheduling the event for someone else, you may want to make them the Organizer so the event does not sync to your NetSuite Calendar. To do this, simply change the organizer and remove yourself from the event (optionally).

How to create/save events from Google to NetSuite

Step 1: In Google Calendar, create your event as normal but ensure that you invite the shared calendar, in this case, the Services Calendar. Save the event.

Step 2: The event will be saved to NetSuite to the services calendar (shared calendar) and to any other attendees that have a NetSuite GCal license.

🚨 Important

Make sure the shared calendar is public in NetSuite. To make a calendar public:

1. Give login access to the shared calendar.

2. Login to NetSuite with shared calendar credentials, make the calendar public.

3. Remove login access for shared calendar employees.

**The sync from NetSuite → Google is in real-time. The sync from Google → NetSuite can take up to 30 minutes to sync. You can add a custom portlet on your dashboard to push the sync through on-demand.

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