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Troubleshooting: We were unable to log you in. Please try again
Troubleshooting: We were unable to log you in. Please try again

OLNS | Why does looping issue occur and how can we solve this

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What should you do when the CloudExtend application is working fine and suddenly stops working with one of the errors below?

  • You cannot find records even if they exist in NetSuite

  • Red errors such as Unable to authenticate error or We were unable to log you in. Please try again.

Error Message

We were unable to log you in. Please try again.

Root Cause

This happens if a user's machine is sending too many requests to the CloudExtend back end at the same time. Typically, this happens if a user's end-of-day process includes going through their inbox and attaching all their emails in rapid succession. When this happens, AND the task pane is pinned, the CloudExtend application can get into a looping mode and send continuous requests to the back end. When this happens, the user's IP address will be blocked from sending requests as a security measure. Note that a future update to CloudExtend will resolve this issue.

How to avoid this

Here are some suggestions to help mitigate the issue.

  • Modify your workflow so you manage emails as they are sent or received instead of processing them all at the same time

  • Use CloudExtend Autopilot to automatically synchronize replies in your email threads in the background

  • If you absolutely must synchronize all your emails in rapid succession, then please turn off task pane pinning (learn more about pinning here).

    πŸ’‘ Note: It may not seem like it, but even with task pane pinning disabled it takes the exact same number of clicks to attach an email. The benefit here is that the looping issue only occurs with task pane pinning enabled so by having it closed the issue should not occur.

Restoring Access

If your IP address has been restricted, then please follow the steps below to restore access to CloudExtend. Once you have access again be sure to follow the steps above to ensure you are not blocked again.

  1. Choose one of the options below to stop the requests from sending

    1. Reboot your computer (easiest if you're not technical)

    2. Close Outlook.

      1. Open Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Delete).

      2. Locate the process Desktop App Web Viewer or Microsoft Edge WebView 2, right-click, and select End Task.

      3. Restart Outlook.

  2. Visit and advise support of your IP address as well as the fact that you have performed the steps above. Use the chat icon on the lower-right corner of this article to relay this information to support.

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