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CloudExtend Analytics Go Live Checklist and End-user Guidelines

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This article is designed to help you create guidelines and internal processes, so all users of CloudExtend are on the same page. Below are the questions you want to have outlined for your users, to ensure internal success and adoption.

Who is going to use CloudExtend?

  • Determine which departments will be using CloudExtend. Finance, Sales, operations etc. CloudExtend Analytics allows you to pull saved searches from NetSuite and by then you can transform the data to charts, pivot tables or other visuals that will help digest information faster.

  • Finance departments can use it for budgeting, forecasting, and generating financial reports. The sales team can manage their sales activity more effectively and track their sales metrics. Different department will benefit by using the app.

What searches will you be working with?

Installation and Setup

Admin setup/install completed

⬜ Bundle Installed

⬜ Added an additional admin to the admin portal

⬜ Permissions adjusted in NetSuite for each role using CloudExtend

End-user setup/install completed (Each end-user)

⬜ Installed CloudExtend from the Microsoft Store

(or was pre-deployed by the Microsoft 365 Admin)

⬜ Reviewed how to add saved searches

⬜ Reviewed how to schedule saved searches (Enterprise Users only)

⬜ Reviewed best practices on how to share reports with others


⬜ End-user training was held

⬜ Power users are identified and introduced to your CSM

⬜ User guidelines were outlined, reviewed, and communicated to end-users

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