You may share your workbook with your colleagues. Once shared, your colleagues will be able to view all the sheets in the shared workbook with the latest data on it.

Transfer Ownership of Workbooks

CloudExtend supports transferring ownership of workbooks with schedules. By transferring ownership, they will have the authority to:

  • Create schedules

  • Run saved searches on-demand


The steps below should be done by the original workbook owner.

Step 1: On the CloudExtend panel, click on the Menu > NetSuite Accounts then select Disconnect.

Step 2: Once disconnected, share the workbook with the other person.

Step 3: New workbook owner needs to login to CloudExtend and a prompt will appear:

“Do you want to take ownership of the reports of this workbook?”

Step 4: Hit Yes when asked if you want to take ownership of the reports.

Step 5: Click Connect to login to your NetSuite account with your own credentials.

The new owner will be able to preview the reports and import them with schedules.

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