Working with Templates: Using picklists (Cell Operations)

XLNS NextGen | Check out enhanced feature of using picklist values

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We have redesigned the picklist panel from where users can select values for a select field. It is a draggable pane now so that users can clearly see the complete list and select the values they want. It can also be minimized completely when not in use.

Two ways to select picklist values

Picklist Feature

Use the picklist feature to select items from the list.

Type Data into the sheet

CloudExtend Excel dynamically identifies picklist values while you type data into the sheet and tab/enter off the cell. Just put in the part of the name, no need to remember or look up the Ids.

When you use this method values are resolved in the following manner:

  • If there is an exact match it will be resolved to that value and any other partial matches will be ignored. For example, the user entered “AAA” and the results (first 1000) contain “AAA”, “AAA BB”, “AAA CC”. “AAA” is considered an exact match and is returned as that cell's resolution.

  • If there is no exact match and multiple partial matches the cell will remain unresolved and a dialog will be presented in the task pane advising there are multiple matches. For example, the user entered “AAA” and the results contain “AAA BB”, “AAA CC”. The cell is considered to have multiple matches and remains unresolved

How to know if the value from the picklist is identified or not?

Users will see the following visual cues to know if a picklist value is automatically identified or not:

  • Excel cell turns grey when CloudExtend is identifying the value of the picklist

  • Cell turns normal (white) once lookup is done and successful

  • Cell turns yellow if there is no match or there are multiple matches (i.e. when manual intervention is required).

🔵 Scenario 1: Cell turns grey when CloudExtend is looking up the value from the picklist

When you type the keyword on the cell within the table, CloudExtend looks up, and its exact matches. The cell will be grey during the look-up, if the value was found successfully the cell will be back to normal (white).

In the example, I entered 900 on the cell and hit tab to trigger the search, then see how the cell changed from grey back to normal when the value was found.

🔵 Scenario 2: Cell turns yellow when there are multiple matches

Next scenario, I entered "Income" on the cell and hit tab. Since the keyword is not specific the cell is now highlighted yellow. Also, a notification popped up on the reserved field and on the CloudExtend panel to select from the list or enter a more specific term.

🔵 Scenario 3: Cell turns red when there are no matches

If there are no matches, the cell will be highlighted in red. Error notification will show on the CloudExtend panel and reserved field to let you know, that you need to enter a valid value.

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