If you need to move a folder from one site to another in Sharepoint, you can do so.

Your permission in Microsoft must allow you to move files or folders across sites to

do this action.

⚠️ Important

If you are moving the file to the same site (just folder changes), no action is required.

Step 1: Open the excel file and disconnect your CloudExtend account. Go to Menu > Menu > NetSuite Accounts then choose Disconnect.

⚠️ Important

When disconnecting your CloudExtend account, all schedules will be deleted from the current workbook. When a user logs in to the file, you will see an option to import the saved search that will recreate the schedule under the logged-in user’s name.

Step 2: Open https://www.office.com/ and click the App Launcher > SharePoint.

Step 3: Go to the site and select the file to move. On the command bar along the top, select Move to. If you do not see Move to, click the ellipsis icon ... then choose Move to.

Step 4: Choose the destination site where you want to move the file.

Step 5: Open the excel file and reconnect to CloudExtend then add a schedule to your Saved Searches.

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