Email Sync: File Attachment and Inline Images Global Preference

Gmail NextGen | Set file attachment preference to include files when saving an email to NetSuite

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Users have the ability to customize their settings for file attachments and inline images when storing emails to NetSuite. They can opt to enable both file attachments and inline images as the default setting, or they can configure it to have only file attachments or inline images as the default, depending on their preference. Once this feature is activated, whenever you associate an email with a set of NetSuite records, the attachments and inline images will automatically adhere to the chosen setting, eliminating the need to manually select them for each record.

💡 Note:

This setting is turned off by default. If you want the attachments to be included in EVERY MANUAL ASSOCIATION you do via CloudExtend you can turn on the setting.

View this article to learn the different file attachment methods.

​If you want this to be turned off, learn how you can include attachments upon saving emails to NetSuite here.

Where does the file get stored in NetSuite?

When using the CloudExtend NextGen application, file attachments sync via CloudExtend and go to the NetSuite file cabinet.

To check on the record, go to the Communication > Messages tab

To check inside the NetSuite file cabinet, go to Document > Files. It is stored in the Attachment Received folder.

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