Admin: How to Install the SuiteApp

Outlook NextGen | Learn how to install the SuiteApp for NextGen activation

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Effective October 30, 2023, the following two components need to be installed in your NetSuite account.

  1. The legacy CloudExtend Outlook bundle (for customers that signed up prior to October 25, 2023, the legacy bundle is already installed).

  2. The CloudExtend Outlook SuiteApp

    • The SuiteApp is required to take advantage of new functionality delivered after October 25, 2023

To Install the SuiteApp

  1. Admins should click the SuiteApps tab in their NetSuite navigation bar

  2. On the search box, enter "CloudExtend"

    1. Multiple CloudExtend SuiteApps will appear, be sure to select the one with the logo below which has the latest functionality

If SuiteApp is not installed

If you have not yet installed the SuiteApp your users will see the screen below when using the application (on/after November 1, 2023).

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