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FAQ: Include names in suggestions for CloudExtend Outlook
FAQ: Include names in suggestions for CloudExtend Outlook

OLNS NextGen | Learn how include names in suggestion feature work

Updated over a week ago

Setting to match with names in suggestions when showing Available records

The records that are available in the Available Records section are shown by matching only the email addresses found in the To, From, and CC sections of emails to that of NetSuite records and not the names.

  • By default, only email match is done and the Available Records list is shown.

  • If the user wants the Available records to be shown by matching the Name of the sender and recipients in To, From, and CC then he can select the Advanced Options setting under Available Records section in Settings and enable the toggle Include names in suggestion.

  • Once this is enabled, the Available Records section will show records that match the name of the sender as well even though the email wouldn't match.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: This would be helpful in cases where we get an email from a different email ID of a contact in NetSuite. Even though the emails don't match the relevant Contact record in NetSuite would still show up in Available records as the name is matching.

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