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Admin: CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite can be installed by your Office 365 Admin
Admin: CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite can be installed by your Office 365 Admin

XLANS | Learn how Admins can install CloudExtend Apps for multiple users at once

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Microsoft offers a convenient way to install add-ins for multiple users at once. This is also ideal for companies that globally block access to the Office store but need to make exceptions for certain users and/or apps.

End User Install

If you prefer your users to install and log in independently, please send them the article with full instructions. Click here!

Microsoft has an article here that describes how your Administrator can deploy specific Apps from the store to one or more end-users while still preventing access to the store for all users.


  • Users must have specific NetSuite permissions such as User Access Tokens and SOAP Web services. Click here to learn more.

  • A Microsoft 365 subscription is required to use the add-in.

  • The CloudExtend bundle must be installed in your NetSuite account

  • To use the scheduling component, the file must be saved on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

Instruction Guide

Step 1: In the admin center of your Microsoft Office 365 account, go to Settings > Integrated apps > Deployed apps > Get Apps.

Step 2: This will take open the App Source page. Search for the CloudExtend app. Hit Next.

Step 3: On the next page, select Everyone, Specific users/groups, or Just Me to specify to who the add-in is deployed. Use the Search box to find specific users or groups.

Step 4: Select Deploy.

A green tick appears when the add-in is deployed. Follow the on-page instructions to test the add-in.

💡 Note: Users might need to relaunch Office to view the add-in icon on the app ribbon. Outlook add-ins can take up to 24 hours to appear on app ribbons.

Step 5: When finished, select Next. If you’ve deployed to just yourself, you can select Change who has access to add-in to deploy to more users.

👉 Reference: Office documentation link.

Step 6: Set up your users for success by reviewing and sharing articles!

Your org may subscribe to one or more of our CloudExtend Apps. Be sure to share our Getting Started Guide and FAQs built just for them.

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