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Updated this week

CloudExtend Analytics is being upgraded and release highlights are below.

How to prepare for the upgrade?

Target date

The upgrade will roll out in phased approaches to customers beginning on April 30, 2024. Once your account is targeted for the upgrade you will see a screen prompting you to upgrade.

The upgrade will require users to complete two steps:

  1. Click a button to migrate all their reports to the new app (this only takes a few seconds)

  2. Install the newest version of CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite from Microsoft AppSource.

    • A link to the upgraded application is here.

    • Note that the name of the upgraded application in AppSource is currently CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite. This upgraded application will now also enable users to access all Analytics features they currently license through a single interface.

About this upgrade

With CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite users can export NetSuite saved searches in Excel on-demand or on a schedule, and then use that data inside of NetSuite for reporting, even connecting to Power BI or Power Query.

The latest version of CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite will incorporate the merging of CloudExtend Excel Data Management allowing users to easily switch between applications if they have a license for both apps.

Release Highlights

See the video below!

πŸ”΅ Unified user interface

  • Both Excel apps are available in one eliminating the need to install a separate application for each.

πŸ”΅ CloudExtend Federated Identity

  • Utilize your Microsoft and Google account access to access both Data Management and Analytics features through a unified user interface.

  • Effortlessly log in and connect to NetSuite for each of the applications

πŸ”΅ No restriction on the number of NetSuite accounts

  • There won't be any restriction on the number of NetSuite accounts users will have access to in the add-in. As long as your admin adds your email address under licensed users in the portal you should be able to use the add-in in any properly configured NetSuite account you have access to.

  • Switch between NetSuite roles without having to logout first

  • Ability to name your connections and edit them inline

  • Bundle install prompt is shown to users whenever they add a new NetSuite connection. The bundle is mandatory for both apps.

πŸ”΅ Login with Google

  • With this release, you will now have the option to log in with Google. This is particularly useful to users who don't have a Microsoft login and still want to use the app. They can now log in with a Google account and continue using the app.

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