• We've launched a second way to download data from NetSuite. Previously users could download data from a saved NetSuite search and the results had to land in a template designed so that data could be changed and pushed back to NetSuite. The speed of the download is affected by this process and all the columns of your saved search (especially fields from joined records) were not visible in Excel

    Starting today, users can choose from two options when retrieving saved searches, raw data (fastest, supports all columns and joined records) or template. When choosing template your data will be retrieved slower but data can be pushed back to NetSuite. The raw data method is perfect if your needs are related to reporting only.

     Learn more here and see the video below

  • Added support for Deposit Application Record type
    (customer needed a way to bulk update the dates deposits were applied to invoices to be the same date as the invoice, thus savings hours of manual labor monthly)

  • Added ability to contact sales and support via in-app chat

Fixes :

  • Release preview roles are hidden during role selection eliminating confusion between RP and production accounts.

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