Watch this Gif or follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on an email you want to save to NetSuite. (If you do not have Task Pane Pinning on, choose the Celigo button in the ribbon to populate CloudExtend).

Step 2: Click on ‘Suggest Related Records’.

Step 3: Once that is clicked, by default CloudExtend does an auto-fetch and looks in NetSuite for relevant contact, customer and vendor records (default records) associated with that email defined in TO, CC and From. We also search for 4 or more digits in the subject line. We then display those contact, customer or vendor records here.

🚨🚨🚨Click here to learn about how you can configure what records types you want displayed on the auto-fetch. For example, maybe vendors is not relevant for you and you want Opportunities pulled back in here.

Step 4: Choose the record (or records) you want to attach the email to and also decide if you want to include attachments.

Step 5: If you also want to save this email to additional records that we did not pull back for you, you can use the 'Add More Records' button at the bottom to search and attach to additional record types.

Step 5 continued: This will bring you to the manual search screen.

  • Choose the record you want to search for (1)

  • Type in the search criteria and hit enter (2)

  • Check off the record to attach it to (3)

  • Hit 'Done' (4)

Step 6: You now are ready to attach the email. Hit 'Attach'.

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